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JBK Design is a full service, boutique advertising agency that will reinvent your brand and push it to new limits. Our creative work is more than just pretty pictures, it's all about finding innovative business solutions. We'll find the best way to move your goods and services from concept to client, efficiently, effectively, consistently. Our marketing and design has helped shape, launch and position clients' ideas with nothing short than excellence. In other words, our work works.

JBK Design is a Registered Trade Mark of JBK International Ltd. and it’s founded in 1996 by a team of creative young specialists with one major purpose - to find out the optimal advertising solution for your company. It is our motto to be reliable, accurate and original. We provide top quality services and products in all aspects. We guarantee our work.

Since 1996 JBK Design has been planning, developing and implementing marketing campaigns that have made a difference with their unique, bold, smart, but easy on the brain style. We see the big picture with a sharp eye for detail. So getting noticed out there is mandatory to every single project we take on. Call us.

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