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Communicating with unique words and pictures. We strive to make your business identity and your message completely your own, unlike anyone else in the newspaper, the mailbox, on the radio, television, or the web. With creativity and inspiration, we help you put your best features forward.


A logo is a graphic representation of your company. Your company's logo should appear on every business card, letter, memo, sign, vehicle, web site, etc. that bears your company's name. Such an important element should be designed by a professional. The professionals at JBK Design have the experience and talent needed to develop a logo that puts your company's best foot forward.

Corporate Identity

Letterheads, envelopes, business cards, presentation folders - they all say so much about your company. And when yours are designed by JBK Design, the message they give will be the right one.


From simple tri-folds to elaborate corporate presentations, JBK Design is here to design and produce your company brochure. We will design the layout, produce the brochure, submit drafts, and oversee printing. You'll have a brochure you can be proud of, in no time.


The lowly flyer has often been looked down upon, but it continues to exist as a strong promotional tool for business. And when your flyers are designed by the professionals at JBK Design, you'll get an even greater response, meaning more results where they count - at your cash register.


Advertising design is an art... and a science. A good ad contains specific elements designed to grab attention, tell a story, present an offer, create a sense of urgency, issue a call to action, and identify the advertiser in the prospect's mind. At JBK Design we know how to build these important facets into every ad.


JBK Design Provides all types of printing including digital printing, offset printing, wide format printing. Whether it is a simple business card, a large banner or any kind of binding and finishing, JBK Design is capable of serving all your printing needs. We provide also polypropylene, sticker papers, PVC foil, label papers and luxury cardboards with all formats and weights available, standard inks, pantone colors as well as foil inks are used depending on the paper used. Printing machines cover all possible formats to up to 70/100 cm, which facilitates the selection of a machine, depending on the circulation, color and size of the products. UV-polishing, two-sided and selective UV polish. Over-print glance or dull polish are also available.

Our services include :

  • Pre-printing
  • Text pagination and photocomposition
  • Acquisition, image retouching and treatment
  • Colour proofs (digital and cromalin) and blueprints
  • Films


Creating your online identity. The Internet is a sales territory all its own, as viable as any other region or geography to which your company markets. You need a strong presence there, and JBK Design can help you establish it. We understand all aspects of online marketing: web site development, e-commerce, search, and the latest social media. It’s a digital world. Stake your claim in it, with JBK Design.

Web Site

Every business needs a web site. And while there are many web designers out there, JBK Design understands the need to make your site a marketing tool that provides a return on investment for your company. It’s not just about being technically accurate or graphically creative… it’s also about generating business. Whether you’re thinking of a web site for the first time, or want a critique of your site from a fresh, marketing perspective, call us.

  • HTML, CSS, FLASH, PHP programming (no job is too small or too complex)
  • Graphic design
  • E-commerce - shopping carts, secure transactions
  • High speed, reliable website hosting services
  • Search Engine Optimization

The dream of every web site owner is that his or her site will be listed first when someone on a search engine types certain keywords pertaining to his or her site. Accomplishing this, however, is not so easy. JBK Design can help you navigate the maze of organic and paid search. Let's talk.


Crafting a conversation with your consumers. It’s about creating and maintaining the relationships that drive your business. That’s what we do after quite a bit of listening, to you.

Media Strategies

Media opportunities are unlimited. Budgets are limited. The solution? Wise media choices, designed to maximize your budget within your target market. JBK Design has the knowledge and experience needed to make those choices and maximize your company's exposure. Then, we execute those plans with precision and follow up every detail. Give us a call to put our expertise to work for you.

Advertising Design

Your message is important. The presentation of that message is equally important. Too often, graphic artists are more concerned with their artwork than with your sales. At JBK Design, we know that our success depends upon your results at the cash register, so we produce ads that are not only visually appealing, but that deliver.

Billboard & Transit

No local medium reaches more people for the money than out-of-home advertising. And JBK Design knows how to design and place billboards and transit ads for maximum effectiveness. Give us a call today and start putting this powerful advertising method to work for your company.


Objective, proactive, productive advice. Marketing, advertising, sales, brand development, organizational culture… these are critical parts of your business. An outside perspective from fresh minds who are immersed in these disciplines daily can be invaluable. It’s a high leverage investment that can really pay off, especially when the investment itself is probably much less than you might think. At JBK Design, we do more than just provide “stuff.” We become true strategic allies with our clients. Their success stories have become our success story. Call us. We’ll accomplish great things together.



Pens, Lighters, Key holders, Diaries and others, branded using different technologies (serigraphy, embroidery, stamp, laser engraving).


Cups, Badges, Pedestals, Sign-boards, Puzzles etc.


Business flags, State flags, Desktop flags, crafted using different technologies (serigraphy, embroidery, stamp).


Design and production of interactive CD, DVD, slideshows, flash greeting cards and others.

Digital screen presentations with or no interactivity.


We provide outdoor signs, signs with vinyl face, signs from aluminum composite panel, billboards and totems, neon signs, signs from steel sheets, advertising displays, frames, interior sign systems, indoor advertising totems, awnings, facade signs, umbrellas etc.


Our services include but aren’t limited to ....

Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes , Booklets, Rubber Stamps, Raised Printing, Brochures, Foil Stamp, Embossing, Invitations, Labels , Programs, Manuals, Tabs, Flyers, Menus, Business card Magnets, etc…..

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